ARTICLE “What Defines Success?” with Steve & Kristy Smith, 2018

ARTICLE: “Part One: What Defines Success?

By Jack Gold-Molina. June 2018.

“Defining success is something that preoccupies most professional artists….

The Seattle Drum School was founded in 1986 and established itself as a leading Northwest vocational music school for drum set, guitar, bass, voice, piano, horns, and musical studies. The school’s mission is to provide a community and a culture that encourages learning, friendship, personal growth, and self-expression for students, their families, and staff. As the school’s web site states, “Our programs include valuable information and experiences that provide our students with the necessary tools, confidence, and inspiration for becoming professional musicians, college music majors, or for pursuing music as a fulfilling hobby. You’ll learn from some of the most distinguished musicians and teachers in the area.”

“One thing, I think, is perseverance,” said Seattle Drum School co-owner Kristy Smith, when she and her husband, founder Steve Smith, were asked about their success as educators and as artists/musicians.

Adds Steve Smith. “I think a lot of the success that this business has been built on, for the longest time, was the quality of people that we attracted…As a business, the way that it expanded and the way it grew over the years has a lot to do with the right people showing up, people who are likeminded. I have always loved playing and learning music.

“…I have taught so many people over the years and I never quit, on anybody, I don’t care who they are. I don’t care what their problems are. I don’t care how young they are. I don’t care how old they are, how successful they are, or how frustrated they are. I totally believe that I can figure out a way to help that person learn as fast as possible, and what will make them want to do it. That, I think, is a lot of that attraction.”


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