Private Music Lessons In Seattle

At the Seattle Drum School of Music, we offer one-on-one private music instruction.  We at SDSM, feel there is no substitute for the care and personalized attention available through one on one instruction. In no other way can one’s individual strengths, needs, or particular goals be so effectively addressed.

We pride ourselves on our phenomenal music educators, who, outside of their role at SDSM, are all working professionals in the music industry.  

Though our school was first conceived with drums in mind, we offer lessons for all kind of different instruments — guitar, bass, piano, trumpet, voice, etc. Lessons are typically scheduled in 30-minute or 1-hour blocks of time (we generally suggest starting with 30-minute lessons, especially for young beginners).  

Here at SDSM, we help students sow the seeds of good musicianship, and foster musical ideas and concepts that will stay with them for a lifetime.