Seattle Drum School of Music on King 5 Evening with the Reign City Rockers!

Seattle Drum School of Music on King 5 Evening with the Reign City Rockers!

SO EXCITED! From KING 5 Evening

Seattle Drum School of Music helps students find their rhythm

Reign City Rockers is a band made up of 9- to 12-year-old students.

Author: Jose Cedeno Extreme Jose ( KING 5), KING 5 Evening (KING 5)

Published: 7:30 PM PDT June 5, 2024

SEATTLE — Reign City Rockers from Seattle Drum School of Music are getting ready for a big event in Georgetown.

“I am 10 years old. I really love music, and I always enjoyed singing,” singer Kyu Kim said.

We asked what their favorite song to play was:

“Oh, favorite song? It is probably ‘Something in The Orange’ by Zach Bryan,” Kim said.

“I’ve been with the school for about three to four years. It’s been a great experience,” said drummer Cian Frayo. “It’s fun for me to express my feelings and my emotions on the drums.”

Reign City Rockers is made up of 9 to 12-year-olds in one of the Rock Band classes at Seattle Drum School of Music, where they learn how powerful music can be.

“Music becomes the entity that sits with you for whoever you are, so you’re not alone,” said instructor Bob Lovelace. “Inside music, people find something that makes them more confident in themselves.”

“I have friends who would literally run off stage crying, but it can also be kind of fun at the same time,” student Donatello Fattoruso said.

While performing for big crowds can be scary, the school and the band puts an emphasis on supporting the creative.

“It’s been really fun. Everyone here is really supportive. There’s a lot of community with music in general and [with a] guitar you look awesome. It’s cool to be in a band,” guitarist Eliott said.

“When I walk in this door, I’m a teacher, said Lovelace. “I want them never to see that there’s a block between their dream and what they can get.”

The young musicians at the school are performing on stage at the Georgetown Carnival on June 8th.

“A year ago, we performed at the same festival,” said Kim. “So, I’m really excited to get back there.”

Opportunities like this give the students a glimpse into the lives of professional musicians.

“It’s fun to do this because you can make other friends and you can be introduced to a whole new world,” Fattoruso said.

Talking about a whole new world, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to check out our new favorite band – Reign City Rockers.”

Thanks to their instructor Tige DeCoster!

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